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New Delhi - India

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Anuragi became the first medico’s band in Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

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Professional Beginning: Anuragi (2012)
New Delhi, India

Anuragi is known for their mesmerizing LIVE shows. They have performed in some big events so far, e.g. Headlined SNMC, Agra; GSVMMC, Kanpur; GIP Noida; NDMC festival, Connaught Place; Select City Walk, Saket; Thomso, IIT Roorkee; Zeal, SRMS Bareilly, Jantar-Mantar, New Delhi etc.

They are also known for their contribution through music to different social causes like ‘Narmada Bachao Andolan’, ‘Not In My Name’ campaign etc.

  • Band Interests - Travelling, Photography, Wildlife
  • Released Demos in Oct, 2011.

  Radio City 91.1 FM, Delhi (Sounds of freedom - Broadcast of Songs).

  Radio City 91.1 FM, Delhi (Interview & Acoustic Gig) - Sep 2012.

  Hint Radio 90.4 FM, Ghaziabad (Interview, Acoustic Jam & Broadcast of Songs) - Nov 2013.

  Aap Ki Awaaz 90.8 FM, Agra (Interview, Acoustic Session & Broadcast of Songs) - Nov 2013.

  Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, Varanasi (Interview & Acoustic Jam) - Nov 2013 & January 2015.

  • Anuragi - Nishaani (Music Video)

    VIMA Music Awards

    Anuragi - Nishaani (Music Video) - Nominated for VIMA Music Awards under 'Best Music Video' Category, 2014.

  • Anuragi - Aazadi (Music Video)

    Best Music Video

    Anuragi - Aazadi (Music Video) - Has won several awards under the 'Best Music Video' category at ~ Aab International Film Festival | Moga, Punjab | Feb, 2017 Film Saaz Film Festival | AMU, Aligarh | Feb, 2017. Indian Music Video Awards | Guwahati, Assam | March, 2017.

Musical Journey

  • Released first 'EP'

    Released first 'EP' containing 3 songs in August 2012.

  • Debut Album titled 'Nishaani' released by 'Times Music'

    Debut Album titled ‘Nishaani’ released by 'Times Music' worldwide in August 2013.

    Nishaani Music Video has been nominated for 'Best Music Video' category at VIMA Music Awards in December 2013 and ranked 5th in the final.

  • 'Nishaani' music video

    'Nishaani' music video was broadcast on Pepsi MTV Indies in 2014.

    'Anuragi' has been ‘Artist of the week’ & 'Pick of the month' in digital media platforms like Songdew & Muslate.

  • Anuragi’s second studio album titled 'Zaher'

    Anuragi’s second studio album titled 'Zaher' was released by 'Songdew' on 7th August 2015.

  • Music Video for their new single 'AAZADI'

    Anuragi has released Official Music Video for their new single 'AAZADI' on 15th August, 2016.

    Anuragi also released their new music video 'Ajnabi' from second album 'Zaher', that is officially out on Zee Music Company on 14th Oct 2016.

  • Music video 'Ajnabi' from second album 'Zaher'

    'Aazadi' is a critically acclaimed music video and has won 3 awards as the 'Best Music Video' in Aab Film Festival, Moga, Punjab; Saaz Film Festival, Aligarh and 6th Banglore Film Festival; Bronze Medal in Indian Music Video Awards, 2017 and attained certificate of excellence from 7th Dada Saheb Falke Film Festival, 2017.

    They have recently released their much-awaited third studio album 'Aazadi'. Album contains 10 songs, which covers the serious issues of the society e.g. Freedom of evils and inequality in the society, Freedom of speech, Casteism, Untouchability, Religion, Government, LGBT and Gay rights, Women, Rape, Human Psyche etc. It is a critically acclaimed music album, which revives and concentrates on protest and revolutionary music in India.

    Simultaneously, they have released a new music video 'Hathkadi' from third album 'Aazadi'.

  • Music video 'Hathkadi' from third album 'Aazadi'

    Released on 25th Aug 2017 , "Hathkadi" from upcoming album 'Aazadi'. Spread the freedom of love and affection. Let's break some barriers, let's break some chains. #anuragiband #anuragimusic #hathkadi #aazadi #freedom #revolution#revolutionarymusic #protestmusic.